Pastor Chuck Estes
Pastor Chuck tells anyone that’ll listen that he’s been a Methodist, a Baptist, an Episcopalian, a Methodist again and finally, a Presbyterian.  “And for most of that time,” he says, “I think I was a Christian!” 

Chuck’s walk of faith took a serious U-turn in his early thirties and it was a time of life that clearly defined the man of God he is today.  “I walked away from Christ for a while and got real with my faith.  I questioned everything.  Challenged everything.  But God remained faithful despite my in-your-face rebellion and brought me into a deeper, more authentic relationship with Jesus than I would have ever dreamed possible.”

A graduate of Appalachian State University in Boone, NC, with a BS in Communications, Chuck built a successful business career before going back to school and earning a Master of Divinity degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.  Chuck has been pastor of FEPC since 2014.

The Estes family, which includes Chuck’s wife Julie, sons Brandon and Gabriel, and daughters Danielle and Rachel, came to Humboldt from Winston-Salem, NC.

“We have a truly special congregation at FEPC, with its genuine warmth and welcoming spirit," says Pastor Chuck.  "Our motto is 'Love God, Love each other, Love the world'.  We're family here and we can’t wait to share our church with everyone!”

Come meet Pastor Chuck and his family on Sundays for worship or on Wednesday nights for fellowship and Bible study.  You can also send an email to him here or give Chuck a call at 731-784-9783.