Ministry Teams

  Ministry Teams  
This team oversees the educational needs of our congregation.  They enlist and train church teachers, purchase curriculums, and supplies
for all classes, get leaders and supplies for Wednesday evening program for kids and youth and design our Wednesday programs, take care of the
nursery, Vacation Bible School, Christmas Play or program for Christmas involving children and youth.

This team holds before the church the task of bearing witness to Jesus Christ outside the church.  Evangelism is the primary task.  To reach out
and help others become a follower of Christ.  This team has the
responsibility of overseeing new members, witness, evangelism, mission, outreach, and visitation.

This team is to supervise and oversee all the components of Family Life such as:  Holiday events - Palm Sunday Luncheon and egg hunt, Good Friday Luncheon, Fall Fest, Valentine's, Christmas with Santa, meals for family night suppers, family camp, Relay For Life, and to plan other fellowship get-togethers - events that will bring our church closer together through fellowship.

This team is to assist the church in serving both within the church and especially, outside its walls.  Jesus is our model of faith and our practice of missions.  Since Jesus reached out to serve those in need, He calls us to reach out as well to others.

This team is responsible for the care, maintenance, upkeep and insurance of all church property, inside and out.  This includes the sanctuary, education building, office and day care.

This team oversees all that relates to worship from regular services to special events. They enlist communion preparers and servers, purchase gifts for communicants and baptized children and adults, keep the flower calendar for Sunday worship, responsible for all music and order of service, acolytes, ushers, and greeters, and guidelines for any use of the sanctuary such as marriage and funerals. To refresh and make our Chrismon Ornaments for Christmas.