About FEPC

Our Mission:
  • To reach out and share the Love of God!
    To share God’s love and grace to those who live in the Tri-County area and to the Wider World of which we are a part.
  • To create disciples grounded in the Word of God.
    To equip those who become a part of God’s family to depend, through faith, upon Jesus Christ alone for salvation.
  • To nurture those in our midst.
    To allow God’s Spirit to move within us, nurturing an atmosphere of prayer, caring and love; to daily live the Gospel as ambassadors of Christ through loving acts of kindness.
  • To provide opportunities to serve.
    To create an environment where we, as God’s people, can glorify Him and celebrate our faith in Jesus; to act upon God given opportunities to witness our faith through service to others.
  • To keep it real.
    To help each other recall our own sinfulness and remember that our strength comes through Jesus who gave His life for us; to pray and seek God’s guidance in all things.